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Our Solutions

Investing your money is always better than doing nothing with it. And Planning for the future is always better than blowing your paycheck whenever you get it. Our Solutions comprise the Ottomans Startup, businesses of Distribution & Trade and Saving Schemes. These produce & re-produce Startup Income, Business Income and Savings Bonuses by membership wherever you are.

Ottomans Startup

This is our revolutionary membership financial support program. A simple but unique money multiplier practice of pooling financial resources for business by the people for the people. This program yields startup income in 9 different ways.

Distribution & Trade

We carry on businesses of distribution & trade comprising financial literacy, fashion & beauty, Cryptocurrencies and foods & beverages. The large capital to start is taken care of by the Ottomans Startup to yield business income.

Saving Schemes

In partnership with regulated saving schemes in the different Countries of our member’s residence, we register to launch and contribute to our member’s voluntary savings membership account. Savings bonuses accrue as an individual retirement fund.

We Support Numerous Payment Gateways!

All supported payment gateways are safe & secure to ease all your financial transactions.
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Startup Plans

To participate in our programs, choose your startup plan & purchase your startup activation codes to register your membership.
Associate - UGX 150,000


Startup Income: 1x9 Ways

Business Income: 1x16 Ways

Savings Bonus: 1x4 Ways

Credit: 5% per Month


Premium - UGX 450,000


Startup Income: 3x9 Ways

Business Income: 3x16 Ways

Savings Bonus: 3x4 Ways

Credit: 3.5% per Month


Ottomans - UGX 1,050,000


Startup Income: 7x9 Ways

Business Income: 7x16 Ways

Savings Bonus: 7x4 Ways

Credit: 2% per Month


Otto Plus - UGX 2,250,000


Startup Income: 15x9 Ways

Business Income: 15x16 Ways

Savings Bonus: 15x4 Ways

Credit: 2% per Month


Otto Prem - UGX 4,650,000


Startup Income: 31x9 Ways

Business Income: 31x16 Ways

Savings Bonus: 31x4 Ways

Credit: 2% per Month


Otto Combo - UGX 9,450,000


Startup Income: 63x9 Ways

Business Income: 63x16 Ways

Savings Bonus: 63x4 Ways

Credit: 2% per Month



Business Startups

Our operations are categorized by business startups that enable you to turn your daily, weekly and monthly activites into multiple streams of passive income.


This is our revolutionary membership financial support program. Our practice of pooling financial resources for business by the people for the people.
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This is our safety net & financial back-up programe to enable the company expand it's profitable investments portfolio and survival in the long run.
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This is lifelong business startup that allows members to earn income as we promote financial literacy ebooks delivered online.
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This is a fashion business startup where members build significant wealth as we promote designer goods & jewels.
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Cryptocurrency world for members to accumulate Bitcoin, Ethereum & Bitcoin cash while learning to adapt the modern money instrument.
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A global foods & beverages distribution business where members earn income from 6 different ways
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Our Gallery

Our progressive activities and involvement in the limelight as observed from our pictorial collection.

Our Mission Statement

To create wealth among individuals using homebased opportunity plans, saving schemes, member support systems and donations to
help individuals build the life they desire for themselves and their loved ones all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions


    OTTOMANS WORLD is an international agency distributor company offering a global business platform with solutions which bridge the gap between distributors & distributor companies to steer & diverse wealth creation by membership in the world-wide wellness industry.

  • What are your days & hours of operation?

    We're open Mondays to Saturdays starting 9:00am - 5:00pm (GMT +3).

  • How do I register my membership?

    NOTE: First purchase your activation codes. Then, Click REGISTER; fill in the required details and activation codes to activate your membership.

  • How do I purchase my startup package?

    Pay by cash at office. Pay by MTN MOBILE MONEY, AIRTEL MONEY and Bank. Simply Call +256772989982, +256752989982 for quick sign up.

  • How do I receive my payment?

    Members receive payment by mobile wallet, bank transfers and bitcoin. Our mobile wallet provision supports only MTN, AIRTEL & M-PESA. We're also open to consider other convinient means of processing financial entitlements of our members.

  • Can I purchase a new startup package?

    YES, you can and are able to purchase an additional startup package.

  • Is OTTOMANS WORLD a scam?

    NO, we are a legitimate business fully incorporated and registered with URSB to carry on businesses of distribution & trade.

  • Do I pay monthly subscription for membership?

    No. There is no such payment.

  • When do I become a business owner in the business startups mentioned?

    At the point your startup benefits are activated through stages of the Ottomans Startup, the company registers your business ownership immediately.

  • How does the company grow my business startups?

    The Company builds the network of your business startups on the basis of startup upgrades. That way, the company is able to grow all your business startups systematically.

  • Besides the business startups & startup cash bonuses, what other benefits do I get?

    You get an Individual retirement Account with a regulated saving scheme in your Country of residence. The company also contributes a retirement fund to your retirement account as your startup grows through the stages.

  • I have questions that have not been answered. How can I get answers to my questions?

    Call +256772989982, +256752989982 or visit our offices situate at Plot 47 K'la Road, Mabirizi Complex 7F Suite AP24 or send us an e-mail via info@ottomansworld.org OR writen letter via Postal Address: P.O Box 33598 K'la - Uganda

Company Progress

Our Concept of an all-in-one wealth creation opportunity plan started in December of 2015. The most part of 2016 was a testing phase during
which several projects & schemes were implemented & tested for reliability, continuity and effectiveness. Formalization was accomplished in January, 2017
and till this day; OTTOMANS WORLD is cultivating business partnerships world-wide to foster financial freedom for mankind.

Our Motto

Live By Design!